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My name is Maria and before creating Moore Movement and entering the health and fitness space, I worked in the performing industry. I began my training as a child and went on to work professionally as a dancer and teacher for a decade both in the UK and overseas. 

Dancing was my first introduction to the body and what it is capable of. I have learned so much from this discipline and it was a fantastic foundation for what I now do. 

After taking a step back from performing I found the gym, more specifically the weights section. 

I quickly fell in love with lifting and the strength it gave me. Having spent the majority of my twenties being fearful that resistance training would make me ‘bulky’, I felt incredible empowered to be learning how wrong I was, the science behind it, the health benefits, how exciting it was to see my strength gains and my body shape change. It’s something I strongly believe every woman should do.

No longer should we feel like we have to get smaller and shy away from the squat rack! 


I moved into coaching and launched group exercise classes. I focused on body conditioning, stretch and mobility work, as well as incorporating dance based exercises and principles to ensure all areas of movement where covered. 
I completed my Level 3 ITEC massage therapy qualification and it was here that my interest in anatomy and physiology grew.

Learning the science behind everything, understanding how our bodies worked and realising how incredible they are gave me a whole new level appreciation for my body. I wanted everyone to know how amazing their bodies where – not because they looked a certain way – but because of what they do for us every single day. 

I went on to complete my level 2 Fitness Instructor and level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications with Train Fitness London, as well as my Level 2 in Understanding Health and Nutrition.

This sparked a passion within me to debunk the hundreds of myths there are around food and help women break away from fad diets for good. Food is not something to be feared, it should be enjoyed and used as nourishment for our incredible bodies. My love for nutrition led me to enrol and complete EIQ Nutrition, a compassionate, evidence based nutrition course created by Emilia Thompson PHD and Emma Storey-Gordon. 

It was then that I combined my skills in both personal training and nutrition and launched Moore Movement Coaching, a 1:1 online coaching program where I can help women realise how powerful they are and what they are truly capable of. 
Helping women break away from the diet mentality, focusing on building a happy and healthy relationship with food, with their mind and their body is my ultimate goal for being a coach and trainer. It brings me so much joy to see my clients succeed and appreciate themselves. 

I continue to learn and stay up to date with research. I believe a good coach never stops learning and improving. I am always looking for new ways to help my clients and make their experience with me better. 

I believe the best time to start is always now. 

If what I offer is something you think might help you, get in touch.

Let’s start working towards making you the best version of you.