1:1 Online Coaching 

Fitness, nutrition and mindset 

As your coach it is my sole aim to empower and help you realise your full potential. I will give you the tools to help make your goals a reality. 

Offering support, guidance and accountability to ensure we work together to achieve the best results possible. 

Online coaching includes customised nutrition targets and education, mindset work, personalised workout program and weekly check ins where we can assess your progress and get you where you want to be. 

"I’ve been doing Maria’s coaching for 3 months now and I have really noticed a difference in my strength and mindset. From being a dancer I feel pretty confident in the gym with things like my form and pushing myself, however I’ve always pretty much guessed what exercises I should be doing and have followed many cycles of restrictive eating and binging! With Maria’s guidance and monthly work out programmes I’ve noticed such a progression within my performance, particularly my strength, which has been incredibly empowering especially as a woman and motivates me to keep going and pushing! Maria’s weekly check ins are invaluable and she has really helped particularly with my mindset around nutrition and living a healthy well balanced lifestyle that has no restrictions and means I can incorporate the things I love like chocolate and wine AND make progress with work out goals and nutrition targets. Maria is encouraging, supportive, empowering, kind, on the ball and knows what she’s talking about!"

Fran, online client