Calorie Deficit - why it isn't always so easy...

Are you trying to lose weight?

You might understand the principle of fat loss - creating a calorie deficit.

⚡ That means consuming less energy than you use.

However, although it's as simple as eat less move more, that doesn't mean it's that easy to do.

So many things contribute to us sticking to a certain number of calories; our biology, individual psychology, the social influence around us.

🔹If you are struggling it isn't because you're not capable - it's because you're human.

That person you follow and always see smashing their workouts, eating the best food, telling you it's just discipline and you need to try harder is

a) a bit of a dick and

b) probably in a great environment to stick to their plan

🤔 Maybe they work from home, have time to meal prep, enjoy cooking, are surrounded by people who think like them and genuinely love working out so it actually is easier for them to get a session in.

A lot of us could do it with that incredible set up around us.

🤔 But what if your work hours aren't flexible? What if you have a family to provide for, children to feed - who all want a different meal of an evening and have to have the cupboards filled with their favourite treats, the ones you are trying to avoid but know are just behind the cupboard door calling your name after you've been working for 9 hours straight and are too tired to cook from scratch... do you get my point?

❗You are not a failure for 'failing' your diet.

It's just more difficult than a lot of the fitness industry would have you believe.

❗But, always remember, difficult does not mean impossible.

You just need the right support, education and approach.

It takes times, have patience, start small and stay consistent.

Coaching: @mooremovementofficial

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