Going on a diet...

There is 3 months left of 2020. 12 and a half weeks, that's 88 days. I was ready to give up on this year a bit, get my exams done, put up the Christmas tree and hibernate until 2021. But then I worked out how long we have left and I gave myself a kick up the butt. So not only have I decided to set myself a goal to finish the year as positive as I started, but also to document it on my blog and socials in the hope that it could help a few people and to hold myself accountable.  I spoke in my previous blog about how my prioritise have changed in recent months, training has taken a back seat and as a result I’ve gained weight. This is something I was hesitating speaking about, but with the bigger picture in mind is something I want to normalise. Not just for my clients but women everywhere. Weight fluctuations are normal. There will be times in your life that you get bigger or smaller and that might change how you feel about yourself. But it does not change your self worth. You are not any less than if you put on weight. You are not a failure if your body shape changes. And you deserve the same love and kindness regardless of the number on the scales.   However, you are also allowed to want to make changes to your appearance. I can't emphasise enough that I believe these changes should come from a place or love and nourishment, but you can like yourself, appreciate your body for the wonderful thing it is AND want to change a few things. So that being said, those 4 kg I've gained, I'd like to lose them. No ridiculous diets, restricting food groups, punishing workouts or any other extreme measures. Instead, making choices that align with my new goal, creating a deficit (eating less and moving more) prioritising taking care of myself and apply the knowledge I’ve gained over the last year.  I want to share this experience, what I weigh, what I eat, how I train, what I prioritise, to hopefully demonstrate that making changes and going on a diet shouldn't be a punishment. You do not need fat burners, 'skinny' teas, rigid diet plans or hours on the treadmill to succeed.  You need patience, consistency and a sustainable approach.  If you have any questions about your own diet, training or are interested in online coaching, send me a message. Or if this inspires you to do that thing you were going to start next year, whether that be health and fitness related or not, I know you can do it.  Mindset is everything.  Don't spend the rest of the year putting limitations on yourself.  Start now and finish the year better for it. 

And even better, let's do it together. Let's make a promise to make these last few months positive ones and support each other.

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