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I I know you've made yourself sick off a cheese board too, it's not just me.

I’m not a very patient person.

I try.

And I think when dealing with life and delayed gratification, I’m pretty good at it.

But when it comes to the everyday stuff, queuing in Sainsburys, waiting for the amazon delivery man or, like now, dealing with shit Wi-Fi, I turn into a bit of a demon.

This is 9/10 made worse when I’m hungry.

‘You’re not very nice to be around when you’re like this’

‘I’ll make sure I have snacks in’

Two things that were said to me this week, because when I say demon, I MEAN DEMON.

The thing that gets me is that EVERY time I get like this, it’s like I’m discovering it for the first time.

*light bulb moment* ‘I’m not a prick, I just need to eat.’

Problem solved.

Now, let’s just imagine how much worse this was when I was living in a deficit, fearful of any food I didn’t believe to be ‘natural’ and at 5’10 was picking my body apart on the daily because I didn’t look like the Olsen twins (they’re 5’1, but of course the reason I didn’t have their figure was because I was lazy, useless and not trying hard enough..)

Oh 2007, I do not miss you.

Let’s make it worse, you know, really poke at the demon.

It’s December, everything I would try my hardest to avoid was in every room of the house and that voice was screaming ‘fuck it, you will start again on January 1st’.

I remember making myself so ill off the cheese board one year I couldn’t touch my stomach and had to sleep on my back because every time I moved, I thought I was going to throw up on myself.

I thought there was something wrong with me.

In hindsight, there was, disordered eating and the product of 00’s diet culture at it’s finest, however, I wasn’t alone.

And I know through the conversations I have on the daily, that a lot of you are still struggling with this.

After years and years of swearing that ‘this January will be the one’.

December is still a shit show when it comes to your diet and fitness for a lot of you.

It won’t be this year.

I’m making sure of it.

This December I am going to show you how you maintain a strong routine, move your body, work on improving your body image and still attend every Christmas night out you have in your diary.

We are not waiting for January because it doesn’t work.

You don’t transform on the 1st of the new year.

We are going to start showing up for ourselves on the 1st December instead.

By now, you know what I’m like, what I value and what I believe in.

If you are ready to make changes, I’m going to help you for £24.99.

Less than what you would spend on one of those Xmas nights out you have planned.

As soon as you’ve paid for your place you will gain access to the members group immediately.

That’s Q&A’s, educational webinars, lives, workouts, meal books and resources to start learning from before we even begin the challenge itself.

It’s a no brainer.

Click the link below and message me 'CHALLENGE' to get started.

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