Training update - what are your priorities?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I don't look like this right now -

(Staring at a photo from 2019 and beginning to feel bad about myself ...)

Today I would take a guess that I am around 4 kg heavier, a bit stronger and a lot less confident in a sports bra.

However, I am coming to terms with the fact that that's OK and we go through different phases in life when our priorities change.

Then my priority was my body, more specifically what it looked like. I was training 6 times a week, religiously hitting a step target and always reaching my protein target. I had a lot more time, felt very relaxed, slept great, saw friends and could switch off from work as soon as it finished.

At this moment in time my priorities are a bit different.

I put myself back into my own version of school. I study 5-6 days a week. I have recently completed my level 2 in Understanding Health and Nutrition and Level 2 Gym instructor qualification. I am currently learning from EIQ Nutrition with Emilia Thompson and Emma Storey Gordon (which is a fantastic 4 month course that I can't recommend enough to anyone wanting to learn more about food, especially coaches wanting to be on the right side of helping clients support a good relationship with food while reaching fitness and body goals) and I'm on the last stretch of finishing my Level 3 Personal Training Qualification - As well as working and keeping a new business alive in 2020.

I spend hours at a time sat down, it's more important for me to learn then hit my steps most days. I feel a little bit stressed out most of the time and I will wake up in the night thinking about my next assignment. Workouts need to be as short as possible so I have more time to do other things, three 30-minute runs, a half hour boxing session and if I'm lucky I make it to the gym 3 times a week to resistance train. But if I don't then that's OK. As long as I can do what I can to move for my health and get a bit of fresh air in between the work load then it's a win.

Your body won't always look the same. Your priorities will change, life will get in the way and your attention will be pulled in different directions. Your health is important and of course I believe we should be doing what we can to ensure we live the longest, most active and energised life possible - but if you have put on a few extra kg or lost some strength gains because your focus is elsewhere at the moment then that's OK.

Right now, for me, my focus is my mind and studies. Taking care of myself the best I can will still help me manage what I need to do every day but moving a little less and enjoying pizza with Joe on my evenings off for the time being isn't going to hurt and is sometimes exactly what I need. The hard work will be worth it. I will have my time back soon. I'll be able to train 6 days a week again if I want, squat 100 kg, deadlift my body weight and focus on getting abs. And I'll be better for it, because I took the time to put my energy into something that meant more to me than what my gym selfie looked like.

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