Starting small and how to get out of a rut

The first week in January isn't exactly the new beginning we were all hoping for, however being out of that grey limbo area and at least knowing what's happening over the next couple of months brought me a little relief. I think that a lot of the time I am good at reframing how I see a situation. I'm also aware that because of the highlight reel that is social media it's quite possible this is all that people see of me. That and because despite being quite a loud, often over the top and animated individual who chooses to write a blog and share daily on Instagram @mooremovementofficial, I am actually a very private person (shock) and its easier for me to share those positive spins because 1) they serve as reminders to myself and 2) I am not comfortable with expressing a lot of the other emotions I feel on a daily basis with anyone outside of my inner circle. But in the effort to be transparent I want people to know that I find a lot of things difficult. Running, getting my workouts in, setting goals and the attitude I have don't always come so easily to me. I have worked very hard over the last few years to fight off some of the devils in my mind. They are still there but I am much better at telling them to fuck off when necessary these days. Journaling, meditation and reading an embarrassing amount of self-development books have all contributed to me getting to this place. As well as watching endless you tube clips of Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson and on occasion Christopher Hitchens who all changed the way I think about life and what I am doing here. It's after all these efforts that I came to the conclusion that not a lot in life matters. If not really any of it. I don't think everything happens for a reason or that we each were put here to do that one thing we were made to do. What I know to be true, and believe to be so much better than any of those previous ideas, is that there is no meaning to life other than the meaning we choose to bring to it. So, I do my best to bring as much meaning to mine as possible - even on the days that it's a bit more difficult to get out of bed. Did you know - that if 2 million people each had a 1 trillion-sided dice and those 2 million people all threw their 1 trillion-sided dice at the same time (stay with me, I know the numbers are hard to imagine) and all 1 trillion-sided dice landed on the same number, the chances of that happening are the same as what they were for you to be here today. For your parents, grandparents, great grandparents to have met when they did and eventually created you. Then on top of that, if like me you were born in a safe county, with someone that loved you, with access to clean water, food, an education, well that's pretty lucky. And I will do everything I can to bring as much meaning to this life as I can give the chances it took for me to be here. (Statement taken from Dr Ali Binazir re: Joe who told me this about 6 1/2 years ago and it remains my go to when things feel hard) But the point of this ramble, is that I don't always find it easy. This past week in particular felt very difficult and I wanted to share what helps pull me through. The single, simplest advice I give myself when it all feels a bit much - Start small. Seriously, don't underestimate it. My daily to do list was stripped right back. I had to start the day with a glass of water, make my bed, go outside, listen to my favourite playlist in the shower and get into bed early. That was it. After a couple of days, I added in tidying a room of the flat, a 20-minute workout and a 10-minute read. After a week I am feeling a bit more like me. If I'd rolled my eyes at my original to-do list or tried to do too much on the days I felt like shit, I probably wouldn't be now able to write about it. With last night's announcement of lockdown 3, I thought probably a lot of us might be feeling like I did last week. Together, we can start small until we feel better again. I encourage you to pick 3 things and do them every day for the rest of the week. Need a good place to start? 1- drink some water 2- make your bed 3- go outside When so many things out of our control go in a direction that we don't like or want, making some routine and creating some stability and structure in the areas we do control can really help you find some consistency and focus. If you want some extra support, are interested in working together or have any questions and want to chat - get in touch. Have a good week, it's as meaningful as you make it.

Maria x

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