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I posted a reel this week that over 15,000 people watched.

It was me taking a bite of my first ever Five Guys cheese burger.

And although for some, I appreciate watching others smash a giant burger into their face is a bit of a kink (each to their own), I think the reason it blew up a bit was because I ate my burger bang in the middle of working towards a fat loss goal. You see, a lot of you think that you have to choose between enjoying the foods you love and having a healthy relationship with food OR working towards losing weight. I get it. I've sacrificed my body image, self esteem and confidence in the pursuit of dropping a couple of kilos in the past. I thought that was what dieting was. And it's what a lot of my clients think before we start working together. But that isn't what my coaching is about. When you work with me, my program is very different

to the things you have tried in the past. Which is why the results you get are so different to the things you have previously achieved, or more often than not, not achieved.

Because if you had got yourself where you wanted to be, you wouldn't be reading this email. You wouldn't still, after years of trying, have the 3 kgs you're uncomfortable with or be scanning the menus every time you eat out trying to find the lowest calorie option only to have the bottle of wine go to your head, order the largest dessert and beat yourself up about it over the weekend in an attempt to bully yourself into 'being good' from Monday. When you work with me 1:1 you gain an education in nutrition, you have access to resources that help you improve your body image, confidence and self esteem. We have weekly check-ins, video calls and WhatsApp

were we put together your plan and I hold you accountable to doing the things that we decide will get you where you want to be. If you really think about it, you know what you are doing wrong. There will be something you are knowingly doing that is preventing you from becoming the woman you want to be. Having someone there to help you help yourself is what coaching is. That's the stuff you can't get from googling 'best diet to lose half a stone in a month', which by the way, isn't what you need. I work with people to help them change their behaviours, to eliminate the unhelpful habits that no longer serve you and build a routine that supports you to thrive. The transformation comes from within. And that is what ensures your physical transformation is maintained. Think of it as the last diet you will ever need to do. And also the first diet you've ever done this way. You can't expect to get different results to the ones you've got in the past if you continue doing the same shit. I've tried.

It was only when I trusted and pushed myself out of my comfort zone that my life started to look like the way I wanted it to. And that's how you will start to change your mindset and body.

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