Top 5 Health tips for 2020

So tomorrow begins the first full week of January 2020 and I imagine those of you with resolutions about your health and fitness are seeing this as the day you start your transformation... Well with that in mind I want to offer some advice to help make this year the year you make actual changes - instead of another year where you said you 'would lose weight, tone up or get fit' that come half way through February has been forgotten about.

This isn't because you aren't capable. It's because you have often not prepared, you have an

all or nothing approach, you over restrict, over train and have 1 piece of chocolate or a slice of bread (shock horror 👀) in the second week of January, tell yourself you've f****d it and eat everything in sight and stop exercising because 'what's the point' (sound familiar?)


Small changes, done consistently will bring about HUGE CHANGES.

So here are my 5 top tips to move you towards a healthier, happier you in 2020.

1) WATER - the first thing you do when you wake up, have a glass of water. Leave a glass by your bed before you go to sleep to make it as easy as possible. Start your day with water 💦

2) GRATITUDE - physical transformations mean nothing if mentally you're not taking care of yourself. Buy a note book and write 3 things your grateful for each morning. Start small, they can be as simple as ' I am grateful for my morning coffee'. There is always something to be grateful for.

3) WALK - having a step target is a great way to be sure you are moving enough throughout the day and an easy way of increasing our energy output. If you're feeling extra sluggish after the festive season and normally hit 8000 steps a day then increase this to 10,000, if 10,000 is your normal aim for 12,000 and so on.

4) PROTEIN - with every meal. This is even more important if you are dieting and eating in a calorie deficit. Protein helps you feel more satisfied and fuller for longer, as well as helping maintain lean body mass while working towards fat loss.

5) FRUIT & VEG - because we want a healthy, functioning body! Add 2 portions of fruit or vegetables to every meal (and ignore anyone who tells you that eating to much fruit is bad - no one got fat because they ate to many grapes)

Remember - You won't change your body over night.

Be consistent, be patient, be disciplined and the changes will come.

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