Week 10 Check In - Christmas indulging and a new you in January...

Daily Nutrition Target: 4/7

Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): Averaged 13,500 each day

Weekly Runs: 1

Resistance Training Sessions: 3 Gym Sessions, 2 Home Workouts

Weight: + 0.2kg

I remember up until only a few years ago this time of year being such a stressful time when it came to exercise and nutrition. I honestly thought come January 1st I would start a fresh and be a whole different person (by doing the same shit I'd always done - eye roll) and because that was going to happen, and after then I would never eat a chocolate bar again, it was my duty to eat absolutely everything I liked, every single day in the lead up until the new year.

I remember occasions when it felt like I was almost force feeding myself I was so full; the food didn't even taste good anymore, nothing about it appealed to me BUT I'd already 'messed up' and committed to the new year being the new me so I might as well just keep going now anyway.

Reading that sentence back it sounds absolutely ridiculous.

I didn't know what I know now and we all have those old habits we would rather forget. But I don't think in any other area of my life I would have taken that approach. In dance class if I had nailed every step but a few, I wouldn't have thrown in the towel and thought 'fuck it, I'm shit anyway'. Not on a test, on a job, nowhere else. But when it comes to our health and fitness if it isn't perfect, we think it's not worth doing.

When you step back and think about it you realise how insane that is.

'I had a McDonald's; I might as well skip the gym and eat 3 desserts too'...

I understand. If you have been following these blogs, you know I've been there too. This isn't a judgement on you if you're not quit out the other side yet. More of your weekly nudge in the right direction to let go of the lies you tell yourself about what you eat and realise there's a better way.

This time of year, isn't stressful for me now. I enjoy it, enjoy the food, the drink, family time, seeing friends (although this year is a bit different - thanks covid) all without a second thought about new year's resolutions and a new me - I like the me now thanks.

What got me here?

The single thought/action that got me to this place - giving myself unconditional permission to eat what I want.

Whenever I want, regardless of the time of year or the day of the week.

I don't save my pizza for a Friday night, if I want it Tuesday I have it.

I have sweets during the week.

Cake when I fancy it, not because it's a birthday.

And I don't 'treat' myself with chocolate or wine.

Because it's not something I have to earn.

I am always allowed it.

And so are you.

You won't eat junk food every day and go off the rails if you do this. I did gain some weight; I ate a lot of sweet things, fried things and processed things. But because I stopped putting certain foods on the forbidden list and didn't feel guilty about eating a double decker, I started stopping after that one double decker. I started to enjoy it, feel satisfied and stop - Not eat it so quickly and feel so ashamed that I then ate 4 more.

It takes time to unlearn. It's not easy. But it is so worth it.

Start small.

Have the Terrys chocolate orange. Enjoy it, be mindful of eating it, how it smells, tastes, its texture and then remind yourself you are allowed it whenever you like it not just because of the time of year (If you don't like Terrys, we can't be friends)

This approach we also help you if you decide to diet one day.

Like I am now.

There is nothing I am not allowed to eat; I had half a chocolate orange last night.

But because of my current goals I will sometimes make different choices.

I made sure I hit my protein goal, got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in my snacks and meals and then had my moment with Terry.

There's no such thing as a perfect diet.

But the perfect approach, I believe, is aiming for balance and consistency.

If you want some additional help with this, you know where I am.

Maria x

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