Week 11 Check In - Is alcohol making you fat?

Daily Nutrition Target: 0/7 - didn't track this week Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): Averaged 10,500 each day Weekly Runs: 2 Resistance Training Sessions: 2 (1 home and 1 gym) Weight: + 0.6kg It was all going so well.

But again, we have a reminder that no matter how much control we think we have over our lives, we don't.

All we can control are our reactions to the things that come our way.

If you are not reading this from a Tier 4 area in England; go to the gym for me and soak up all the non-essential shopping you can stomach.

After Saturday night's announcement -and half a bottle of prosecco- that anxious knot started to form in my stomach, the doom like cloud hung over my head and it felt a bit like March all other again. I am usually good at accepting what is (it's taken years of practise) but I did lose my head a bit with this one. A friend even commented 'I thought you would cope with this fine' - and she's right. I will, because it isn't life or death for me. Unlike so many, which is why we are doing this in the first place.

I will be fine.

You will be fine.

Fighting things that are out of your control will only make you unhappy and bring about so much more stress.

What can I control right now?

My reactions.

What can I do?

Make a list. I did this Sunday morning. A list of everything you can still do. It might not be a long list but I promise you there will be some things; reading, watching films (getting through series 4 of the crown), walking, online yoga or exercise classes, cooking, meditation, talking to friends, drawing, painting, knitting, tidying out your cupboards and decluttering, board games!

But back to nutrition and dieting.

I also control what I drink, and over the weekend I enjoyed (and escaped in) a bottle of prosecco and a quarter of a bottle of amaretto.

If you knew me when I was 20, you know this wouldn't even touch the sides. But these days, I don't often drink and that's enough to leave me feeling groggy the next day - and 0.6kg heavier on the scales.

So, does alcohol make you fat?

I really hope you know the answer to this; No, it doesn't.

Like how not one type of food will make you fat.

The 0.6kg I gained won't be fat, it's most likely water and will be gone in a couple of days.

But drinking regularly can lead to the scales going up. Why?

It's not the alcohol itself, you can track the calories in your drinks and stay within your deficit if you are dieting. But after a few drinks do you really care that much about your diet? Our decisions are not always the best when we have had a drink. Pizza and cheesy chips seem much more appealing after a few beers.

Then we have the effects on our sleep.

The day after a night drinking isn't usually filled with salads... Not in my experience anyway.

Your tired, your body needs energy, what's the next best thing after sleep? Food.

The weight I gained this week wasn't only because of the alcohol I had, but also the roses, celebrations and 2 portions of pasta I had the day after - that was just dinner.

I enjoyed it.

Every single Malteser celebration (and I ate them all).

You don't need to be fearful of weight gain over Christmas.

Have the food and drink you love and enjoy it.

Don't stress if the scales are up after a few days of indulgence.

Quick weight gains or losses won't be fat.

Be mindful.

This Christmas is going to be different.

The last thing you need on top of everything this year is to be worrying about weight gain.

Have a Yorkshire for me and enjoy it!

And if you want some extra support in the new year, 1:1 online coaching is available with me.

I have space for 8 women to begin working with me after Christmas.

You know where I am,

Lots of Love & Merry Christmas

Maria xx

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