Week 2 Check In - Dieting and that time of the month...

Daily Nutrition Target: 2/7  Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): 7/7 Weekly Runs: 3/3 Resistance Training Sessions: 4/4 Weight: +1.4 kg 

This morning I knew what the scales would say before stepping on. Not only had I put the weight on I had lost last week, but also an extra 0.2 kg. I hesitated about writing the blog about it because to be honest I initially felt a little embarrassed that the second week into my diet and in a sense, I had 'failed'. But I then thought that this was a brilliant opportunity to speak about not stopping after something doesn't go to plan and explain why this happened. 

Just before I weighed myself this morning I came on my period. 

Dieting around your time of the month can be challenging. The last 5 days I haven't tracked, I've been very tired and had a lot more muscle soreness after my workouts which has made me a bit irritable, affected my sleep and as a result made me hungrier - can you see the pattern?  The weight I've gained isn't all fat, but most probably water from all the extra carbohydrates I've had.  Now when this happens, you have two choices.  1 - think you've ruined it, beat yourself up about it, stop trying altogether and abandon your diet or 2 - Just get straight back on it and accept it

Acknowledge why it happened and be honest with yourself. 

Did I eat in a deficit this week? No.  Can I expect results if I haven't put the work in? No.  Was it more difficult this week because of the time of month? Yes.  Would I rather have a body that works, that has a period and hopefully allows me to have babies one day? Absolutely. I'll take the bloating, hormones, mood swings and cramps please. Every single month. 

Something that really helps me during this time is to put most of my focus on my activity-based goals.  Getting my workouts in, hitting my step target and generally moving my body makes this time of the month a lot more manageable for me. As well as tracking my cycle so I can remind myself when any negative thoughts or ideas start to creep in that it is just my hormones, and not to trust that voice in my head this time of the month because she's usually being a little bitch. 

A few days back in a deficit, drinking plenty of water and training and I am pretty confident the weight will come down.

But we will see what happens in next week's check in. 

This week I have been working hard on getting all the information together to launch a new online coaching service and I can't wait to share the details with you all soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your own health and fitness please get in touch.  I'm here to help. Have a great week! Maria x Follow on social media to stay up to date Instagram and Facebook @mooremoveementofficial 

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