Week 3 Check In

Daily Nutrition Target: 4/7 

Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): 7/7

Weekly Runs: 3/3

Resistance Training Sessions: 3/4

Cardio Sessions: 1/1

Weight: -1.4 kg 

Third check in, and looking back on week 3 it was a good week. 

I didn't nail everything perfectly but my actions aligned with my goals a lot better than the previous week, and improvements - no matter how small - are what's most important. 

And as I predicted the extra weight that was there during my period has come off. 

Imagine if I let that stop me, threw in the towel at the first hurdle and reached for the pringles... 

We've all been there, but that's why I want to document this journey so you can see that weight loss (muscles gain, maintenance, whatever your fitness goal) - IS NOT ABOUT PERFECTION. Its about consistently trying and doing that little bit better than the day before.

My calories where not the same every day but looking back on my weekly average I hit my protein intake, had a sufficient amount of fat and got a variation of 6 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Calories are crucial and creating a calorie deficit is the most important thing if you want to lose weight, but I also want to consider what foods I am eating and make sure I am getting enough micronutrients in each day for my health and physical performance both in the gym and running. 

Which brings me to something that I have been thinking about this week which would help so many women who are starting a weight loss program- have goals outside of reaching a certain number on the scales. 

I appreciate a lot of people have a difficult relationship with the scales (I was one of them) however understanding that that number is not a reflection of who you are as a person and is purely data that you can use to help you achieve your goals is not only helpful, but incredibly liberating.

It takes work, it has taken me years to get to this place, but it is 100% possible. 

So, what can you do? 

As well as tracking your weight to see if you are trending in the direction you want to go, also track your habits and performance.

These don't have to be just your workouts or steps but also things that make you feel good outside of 'the diet'.

Did you walk your children to school this week?

How many times did you sit down with your family and have a dinner together?

Did you meditate?

Do you love to draw, write or play an instrument and did you make time to sit down and do that for yourself this week? 

That way if you step on the scales and it's not saying what you wanted it to, instead of writing off a whole week because of a number you can look back and say - 'No. I hit my steps, I ate with my children 4 times this week, I read before bed and got 8 hours sleep each night and I did my workouts even on the days I didn't feel like it'. 

Whatever the scales say, that would be a pretty amazing and successful week. 

That number you might have in your head that's the end goal is bullshit. 

It's the habits you want to build, the lifestyle you want to live and how you feel in your own skin that is THE MOST IMPORTANT TRANSFORMATION. 

Concentrate on those habits and I promise the results will take care of themselves. 

Whenever I feel a bit down or can't be bothered to go on a run or workout, I remind myself that the people I find inspiring are no different to me. They still can't be arsed some days and get unmotivated. The difference is they just get it done anyway.

So that's what you can do. There's no secret, you just have to do the hard shit on the days you don't really want to do it. 

'You're not supposed to be motivated all of the time, but just because you're not motivated doesn't mean it justifies you not doing it.' - Jordan Syatt 

You don't have to do it alone.

If you want additional support I offer online coaching programs with customised workouts, nutrition targets, lifestyle targets and weekly 1:1 check ins where we asses how you are getting on and work together to reach your goals.

Packages start from only £15 per week.

You know where I am if you have any questions :)

Maria x

@mooremovementoffical on Instagram and Facebook

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