Week 5 Check In - Dieting and Lockdown #2

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Daily Nutrition Target: 4/7 

Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): 7/7

Weekly Runs: 4/4

Resistance Training Sessions: 3/4

Cardio: 1/1

Weight: -0.7 kg

Lockdown round 2 and this time I'm dieting.

How is that going to go?

To be honest, I think I am really lucky that this lockdown hasn’t affected my lifestyle nowhere near as much as last time. I think the months of studying and being pretty unsocial has served me well for not freaking out about being at home more over the next 4 weeks.

If anything I am seeing it as something I can use to my advantage.

One of the best things I think you can do right now is set yourself some daily non negotiables.

These do not have to be anything extravagant.

Just a few things that keep you feeling a bit more relaxed and grounded during this time.

I have 4 and as long as I do my best to get those things done I tend to stay in pretty high spirits (most of the time).

  1. No phone after 8pm. I charge my phone out of my bedroom and not going on it after 8pm helps me make sure I get to bed earlier, usually sleep well and means I can get up in the mornings with time to do my second non-negotiable...

  2. Morning meditation. Some mornings it might be for 5 minutes, others 15 minutes, but I have to sit and take the time to do it. It ensures I start my day in a calmer state and usually a bit more positive.

  3. Run 5K a day. I am aware how lucky I am that I can do this. I don’t have little people to run after or a boss to clock in for so this is a challenge I have set myself for the next 28 days. Trying to see the silver lining in this situation, I don’t think this is something I could do if I was doing my usual resistance training program as well. So I'm using the gyms being closed to push myself in another area of my fitness for the month. Even after the runs I hate, I never regret it. I always feel better after and this mood carries onto the rest of my day. Meaning I feel better about myself, make better decisions that align with my goals and get more things done.

  4. Afternoon walk. I am sat a lot doing work at the moment. After completing my Level 2 in Health and Nutrition, Level 2 Fitness Instructor and EIQ Nutrition course, this is the final 4 weeks of my Level 3 Personal Training Course. I can’t wait to have it completed but I work better with breaks, so getting outside every afternoon and aiming for 10,000 steps a day ensures I still feel active while doing this.

Yours can be whatever you like.

Have a think about your values and try to pick something simple that you can consistently do. Repeating that behaviour over and over will reaffirm that you are someone who does what they say they will. This will breed more confidence in yourself and you can add more to your list or slowly try new things and begin to make some changes.

My diet has been relatively good and I’ve been eating either in a deficit or sitting at maintenance every day.

Week 6 goals are to continue as I am.

Use these 4 weeks to get all the things done I’ve been putting off, lots of cooking, sleeping, reading and running.

The circumstances may have changed but my goal hasn’t.

Don't use this situation as an excuse to give up on yourself, your health or anything you might have been working towards.

Make it work, and if you need some extra support just get it touch.

Maria x

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