Week 4 Check In - Life getting in the way again and eating close to 4000 calories...

Daily Nutrition Target: 0/7  Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): 0/7 Weekly Runs: 3/3 Resistance Training Sessions: 3/4 Cardio: 1/1

Weight: + 0.7kg 

Here we go again.

Week 4. 

The diet was kind of on hold and life got in the way. In a good way, and also not so much after Saturday's announcement.

I felt 'off track' (for lack of a better term) with my diet for most of the week. I tracked everything and not only was I not in my deficit but eating in a surplus.

If these terms are new to you, let me explain. 

Imagine a set of old school scale. To keep our weight at the same point the weight on each end of the scales needs to be the same. For our bodies that means an equal amount of energy being consumed to what we are using. If we want to lose weight, we want to create a deficit where we are consuming less energy than what we are using and when we want to gain weight, we want to be consuming more energy than we burn and create a surplus. 

It's simple. 

Not one particular food will make you gain fat, just how there is no magic food that will help you lose it. You could eat nothing but processed foods, chips and boost bars (what a dream) and if you are in a deficit you will lose weight. 

Are those the healthiest most nutritious foods you could be eating? No, but for fat loss the foods don't actually matter. However, we want to focus on maintaining our health as well as fat loss so I would recommend that we try to consume as much whole foods as possible and limit the other (tastier) stuff. 

To create a deficit, you can do two things, reduce the amount you are consuming or increase the amount of energy you are burning. I believe a mix of the two is the most beneficial, however it's important to understand that it is a lot easier to get more accurate information about the calories we are consuming than the calories we are burning. The smart watches that tell you you've have burned X number of calories a day are incredibly inaccurate and although can serve as great motivation for someone wanting to increase their steps and daily activity, should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

So, as I said the equation is simple.

But that doesn't mean it's easy. 

We don't only eat for hunger. We eat sometimes when we are bored, sad, happy, to celebrate, when we feel good or when we feel bad. Knowing we need to eat a bit less doesn't mean we do. 

This week I weighed 0.7 kg heavier than last week. One day my calories were close to 4000, my average for the week being 2850kcal (my maintenance calories are around 2300) so my energy in was higher. As well as this my step count was a lot lower for the week. I usually average 11-12,000 steps per day but this week I was doing about 8500. I had an important exam this week and I prioritised sitting and revising over my steps. 

Energy in > + Energy out < = Weight Gain

Am I upset about this? No. 

Am I happier I'm a bit heavier this week but passed my exam? Yes.

Do I regret baking for my bestie (who had her first baby) and eating the 12 cupcake's I made for myself? No.

What about the bottle of wine over the weekend after the lockdown announcement? Nah, life happens. 

I think once you understand energy balance and can accept and embrace that life will get in the way of a diet sometimes, that overeating or moving less doesn't reflect on who you are as a person or your worth, it is so much easier to get straight back 'on track' after a 'bad' week. Consistency is what will get you results; you just have to keep going.  

And I really challenge you to think about those 'bad' weeks. Your days, weeks, life, is so much more than a diet. Measuring your week on solely that isn't what health and happiness is all about. 

Going into week 5 I have decided to use the news of the next lockdown as an opportunity to focus on my fat loss goal. 

Less going out, less distractions, a month of doing my best to maintain my deficit and make some progress. 

My Facebook classes are running throughout lockdown twice a week and if you would like some additional support during this time, I have space to take on some more 1:1 online clients. 

Your life does not have to go on hold for the next 4 weeks. 

Every situation brings with it an opportunity. 

You just have to be open to seeing it.

You know where I am.

Have a great week and remember we are all in this together. 

Maria x

@mooremovementofficial on Instagram and Facebook 

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