Week 6 Check In - Can you out train a 'bad' diet?

Daily Nutrition Target: 5/7 Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): 5/7 Weekly Runs: 7/7 Resistance Training Sessions: 3 Home Workouts Weight: + 0.2kg Its check in time and also my time of the month again so I'm extra tired, a little irritable and currently sat with a hot water bottle and the biggest slice of mint chocolate tiffin cake at my side. Happy Monday!

This week I wanted to speak about out training a 'bad' diet. Can it be done and is it a healthy attitude to think about your food being something you can burn off? My opinion - no and no.

As I've already said on the blog, this lock down I am running 5K a day which takes me about 30 minutes. That’s a decent bit more cardio than I am use to. I've had people tell me that I must be able to eat whatever I want because of all this running - if only. I'd like to point out that I (and you) can always eat whatever we like, no food should be feared or labelled 'bad'. But right now I am choosing to diet and lose some weight so this effects some of my food choices.

Now I have defiantly noticed an increase in my appetite since running every day. I can understand how easy it would be for someone to over eat and take themselves unintentionally into a surplus if they were not tracking their food, or made the assumption that they can eat as much as they like because they are exercising. However despite the extra hunger, we really don’t burn that many calories in an exercise session. I'd estimate my run burns around 200 calories and the extra boost bar I would love to have a day is about 250kcal, so it really isn’t that much more to play with.

But am I running to burn calories? Do I resistance train, have a step target, go to a dance class or the basketball court just to burn off the food that I am eating? Hell no!

There are many reason to exercise before that one… -Improving your memory and brain function -Protect against many chronic diseases -Can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health -Improve your quality of sleep -Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression -Improve joint pain and stiffness -Maintain muscle strength and balance -Improve bone density -Improve endurance -Lowers type 2 diabetes risk -Reduce the risk of arthritis -Lowers dementia risk - Can increase life span… you get the point. Exercise, in whatever form you enjoy is about so much more than burning calories. However, can we use exercise and increasing our NEAT (non exercise activity) as a tool to help us if we have fat loss goals? Yes. But do we still need to be aware of how much we are eating and making sure we are in a calorie deficit to achieve this? Absolutely. I weighed 0.2kg heavier than last Monday this morning. Like exactly 4 weeks ago I also came on my period not long after getting on the scales. I have noticed some changes in my body this week and have felt leaner. I am interested to see what the scales say next week when I am not holding onto this extra water. Thank you to those who have donated for my 5K a lockdown day for The ME Association. If you would like to donate please see the link below. I am almost at the half way mark, 16 days to go. I hope you all have a great week and if any of you are on your own weight loss journey right now and have any questions about anything my inbox is always open J Love Maria x

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