Week 7 Check In - Do you need to track your food for fat loss?

Daily Nutrition Target: 4/7

Daily Step Target (10,000 per day): Averaged 9000 steps each day

Weekly Runs: 7/7

Resistance Training Sessions: 3 Home Workouts

Weight: - 0.6kg

This week has been an important one. I have had some important deadlines and have spent the majority of it sat at a desk, but the finish line is in sight! Putting all of my energy into studying this year has given me purpose and also made, what most people are describing as a terrible year, a very successful and positive one for me. With that in mind, this has made losing weight more challenging. My priorities haven't been to hit my step target and work out. Sitting writing essays and revising has been more important. I've also not been cooking as much as I usually like to. By the end of the day, I've been brain fried and oven food, bowls of cereal and Haribo sweets have defiantly been my go-to more evenings than I know is optimum for my health.

BUT - it's temporary and life isn't going to always present the perfect situation for you to get something done. You just have to do the best you can in that moment. However, despite not tracking my food over the last month I have still lost weight.

So, is tracking important and do you need to know how many calories you are eating every day for fat loss?

There isn't a right or wrong answer to this, and it will be different for the individual. I haven't needed to track because I am very aware of how much I usually eat and the calories typically in those food choices. However, I know that because I have previously tracked so that has helped with my education regarding the nutritional value of foods. Tracking isn't something that you want to do forever, I believe the goal for any individual is to be able to eat a balanced healthy diet, free from food fear and honouring their hunger. But tracking is a great tool that you can use when you have a specific goal. Now I have more time and feel in a better place to give this diet my full attention I am going to track again over the next few weeks. It allows me to hold myself accountable, make sure I am eating a sufficient amount of protein for my body goals and, hopefully get me where I want to be quicker.

You don't have to count your calories, but the calories you eat do count. If you have a specific goal it will help to have as much data as possible to make sure you are doing what you can to achieve it. In my case, creating and maintaining a deficit for fat loss. If you are on your own fat loss journey, there are lots of ways we can create a deficit without tracking. If you are honest with yourself, you probably know how much you are eating, and you also know when you are eating less or more than usually. If you want to track your food, then track. It could be an excellent tool for you. And if it's not, then we can find something else to use. Eliminating snacking or swapping your usually crisps or biscuits with fruits, vegetables or high protein foods (boiled eggs, protein shake, Greek yogurt), reducing your portion size, going without dessert a bit more than usual. Adding in some more activity, an afternoon walk, standing at your desk instead of sitting, using the stairs instead of the lift are all small things but small things add up over time and are great ways to increase your energy output. Knowledge is power and understanding that food isn't something to be feared, that you can incorporate all your favourite foods into your diet and still successfully reach your goals is liberating.

No food is inherently bad for you.

No food will burn fat.

No food will speed up your metabolism.

There is no super food that you are missing that is the secret to you achieving your body composition goals.

There are no 'good' or 'bad' foods.

Just foods that are more nutrient dense than others.

And you can have a bit of everything in moderation. The secret?

That there is no secret. You don't need to buy into that pyramid scheme and drink their shitty juices. Create a calorie deficit. Be consistent. Look after yourself and be patient. Want some extra support? 1:1 Online Coaching is available with me for both nutrition and personal training.

My inbox is always open, any questions just ask. Have a great week, Maria x

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