Week 8 Check In - Is another diet really what you need?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Daily Nutrition Target: Tracked 7/7

Daily Step Target: Averaged 9300 steps each day

Weekly Runs: 7/7

Resistance Training Sessions: 3 Home Workouts

Weight: +0.1kg

This week I tracked everything I ate.

Every single mouthful.

Not just the 'good' bits. The pizza, Lindor chocolate bear, bags of sweets and all the other nutrient dense/sometimes not so fun foods.

I wanted to know how much I was actually eating and where my weight sat when I ate what I wanted without thinking about creating a deficit.

I gained 0.1kg - so I pretty much maintained (You should not be stressing over 100 grams) Why did I do this? We can calculate calories and what our body needs regarding our BMR and activity level, but nothing is ever accurate. Just because on paper the calculation is correct doesn't mean it always works in practice. I now have a clear idea of the number of calories I eat and what I want to aim for over these final 4 weeks when I put myself in a 500-calorie daily deficit.

I want to talk about these numbers. Not because what I eat is what you should be eating too if you are also trying to lose weight -I cannot stress enough how different we all are and how you need to do what's best for YOUR body and not copy what a stranger on the internet is doing. But because I think most women still have this idea that we should be dieting on 1200 calories a day and anything over 1500 at most is 'too much' and gluttonous.

My average calories consumed daily last week was 2671. Can everyone eat this and maintain their weight? No. Some have to eat more than that and some have to eat less. But for context, I am 5'10, weigh 77kg, currently resistance train 3 times a week, have been running for 30 minutes every day and average 9000 steps daily on top of that. How can I eat that many calories? I'm tall, have probably a slighter higher muscle mass than average and am very active. But I have been most of those things the majority of my adult life and haven't always been able to eat this much. There was a time I danced for 8 hours a day and lived off sugar free red bull, cigarettes and I'd estimate about 1500-1700 calories to maintain my weight. A lot has changed (Thank god) So, what did I do? I started weight lifting in July 2018 and for the best part of 18 months focused on growing muscle, eating the foods I had spent so many years restricting and not focusing on dieting. It would come in waves where I would have a few weeks thinking maybe I should because it had been such a huge part of my life for so many years. But for the majority I sat at maintenance, grew an appreciation for how strong my body could be and everything it does for me and realised how much more it was capable of then just trying to be skinny. Now I can choose to diet (and it is a choice - remember that) when I want to and I can do so on much higher calories and with a wealth of knowledge behind me about food and nutrition. You don't want to spend your whole life dieting. There are so many better things you were created for.

You just need the right support, education and accountability to get you where you want to be and then to stay there.

Losing weight honestly isn't that difficult.

But doing it in a sustainable way, maintaining that weight loss for years after, without feeling restricted and consumed with thoughts about what you should or shouldn't be eating - that's really impressive.

That's what my goal is for every client I get the privilege of coaching.

There's a better way to do it. Trust me.

If you want that support, you know where I am.

My inbox is always open.

Have a great week!


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